We believe no one should have their health, time or lives dictated by pieces of paper. We are on a mission to educate families on how to take back their health, time and lives not only through financial education but also with infinite wealth strategies


Tony Hills grew up in Alief, TX, and attended THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS in the spring of 2004 where he met his lovely wife and mother of three wonderful boys (Tristan, Tylin, and Toben) Brittany.

He would go on to have a great collegiate career, winning multiple awards and accolades as well as the National Championship in 2005. In August 2008 Anthony was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers winning Super Bowl XLIII.

After nearly a decade in the National Football League, Mr. Hills retired in 2017 and turned his focus towards another passion... Financial Education. He opened S.T.A.T.T. Financial in 2018, a multipurpose platform that operates in the Credit Elevation, Life/Health Insurance, and Bookkeeping space.

12 Year NFL Veteran and AFC West Champion Chris Clark


Keynote speaker Tony Hills is regarded as a highly respected authority on leadership, team dynamics, and change management. Passionate about maximizing human resources and fostering exceptional corporate cultures, he leads with enthusiasm and expertise. As a coach, consultant, and speaker, he can provide motivation and guidance for any type of improvement and change you might need in your organization


Tony brings a wealth of experience from corporate boardrooms, executive coaching, and consulting to his clients. Tony tailors every presentation to meet the client's needs, goals, business issues, and desired outcomes. He provides professional and personal insights into Managing and Leading Change, Peak Performance, Cultural Transformation, Team Dynamics, and Overcoming Complacency



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