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We know exactly what you feel.

STATT Financial services include tax-deferred growth, wealth accumulation, tax-free income solutions, through predictable rate of returns which provide safe returns on liquid assets without risking the loss of principal. By implementing these solutions and strategies, you’ll be one step closer to removing the fear of finance in your life while strengthening the economy of your family and having the peace of mind that your family is protected from economic downfall.

Need help waving off bad credit?

In today's world, making purchases & investing in credit is common whether it ranges from personal to business use. Having good credit is a sign of financial responsibility.

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Need life insurance?

Having life insurance protects your family and enables you to leave them an estate that is not taxable at the time of your death.

It can also be used to pay your mortgage and your personal debt, such as car loans. Have a business? Insurance can be a great way to protect it as well as increase cash flow!

If you want to get financial stability and make sure that your family is able to maintain their standard of living. Let us help you secure your goals!


“We’re committed to helping people like you achieve their financial goals by providing the tools needed to establish long term success”

Tony Hills was part of the National Football League for nearly a decade. In August 2008, he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers winning Super Bowl XLIII.

After retiring in 2017, he decided to turn his focus towards another passion… Financial Education.

In 2018, he opened S.T.A.T.T. Financial, a multipurpose platform that operates in the Credit Elevation, Life & Health Insurance, Financial Planning and Investments as well as the Bookkeeping space.

S.T.A.T.T. Financial helps people achieve their financial goals by providing educational resources that contribute to long-term success.

The company is built on three core values: Integrity, Service, and Passion.

Today, Tony continues to help people change their financial trajectory by giving them the right information and wealth building strategies to empower those that feel powerless about their finances.


Hi, I’m Tony Hills.

It has been a thrill to speak on a wide range of platforms to a diverse and amazing audience all across the country.

Whether it is collegiate sports, educational platforms or podcasts, or news shows like The Isiah Factor.

Whatever the occasion, whether it's the Deborah Duncan Show during Super Bowl Week or an elementary, middle, or high school, I never take it for granted.

Every Sunday, I prepare like it's game day with the goal of motivating and educating everyone about the importance of financial and life success.


12 Year NFL Veteran and AFC West Champion Chris Clark

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